Monday, May 5, 2008

Four Questions

1. Can the public acceptance of being recorded as an act of souveillance/coveillance, which was experimented in Mann, Nolan & Wellman’s paper, be explained by the Marx’s criteria of normative expectations such as manner, honest and a fair play?

2. Can the concept of sousveillance challenge Elmer’s (dark)vision of A Diagram of Panoptic Surveillance where people consume “more of the same” and thus may become more homogeneous?

3. Is the sousveillance empowering the individual? Does surveilling the surveillance really neutralize the surveillance? Or will the sousveillance/coveillance in the highly networked environment be another form of more complex and powerful panoptic surveillance with too many banalized small towers(and the prisoners at the same time), which would eventually re-imprison all the individuals?

4. Does keeping privacy mean “not-existing” in the environment with easy surveillance and recognition systems? Will existence be defined by whether it is recognized or surveilled?

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